Sheila Denning

Sheila Denning (1920-2015) was a British painter of portraits, landscapes and still life who trained at The Westminster, Heatherley, and Camberwell schools of art before and after WWII.

Her output spanned six decades, from 1935 to 1994, but drew little acclaim in her lifetime.

In the context of renewed interest in the work of ‘neglected’ women artists of the twentieth century, this website aims to showcase Sheila’s best work and to draw attention to her achievements.

A selection of Sheila Denning’s work can be found in the Gallery, categorised as portraits, self portraits, landscape, still life and drawings. A biography of the artist is currently in preparation.

Isn’t it unaccountable one’s capacity to work? Yesterday, Monday, though I was in the studio at 9am I couldn’t do anything, so it seemed – it was a terrible struggle against matter, though I stuck it for 6 hours… Today, all the conditions being the same, it just flowed and I felt it could hardly go wrong!

From a letter written by Sheila Denning in 1977